About us


The printing industry has made huge leaps in recent years and LPS UK has grown rapidly, becoming a leading supplier of labelling and barcoding equipment for national supermarket chains and a range of high-profile retailers.

The growth of technology-based solutions to high volume retailing has seen a significant expansion of demand for innovative products and we have been at the forefront of that development.

In recent years, we have substantially expanded our range of high-quality business-orientated products. These now include the new generation of barcode printers and the latest sequential barcoding technology.

The technology behind these types of products is evolving at a rapid pace and we are excited to explore the different opportunities these advancements present so we can continue to consistently deliver our customers outstanding print solutions to suit their needs.

We are proud that through hard work and a loyal and expanding customer base has allowed us to establish a strong position within local and national markets in the UK and we look forward to continue to rise to be one of the leading ventures in the sector over the next few years.